A Rewrite: “You might be a TERF if…”


1) Claim that trans women are cis men who reinforce and ossify standards of femininity, and that trans men are cis women who reinforce and ossify standards of masculinity.

2) Tell trans women their surgery upholds the societal alliance of gender and sex.

3) Claim that a post-gender world is preferable, and that a trend towards androgyny is more subversive than the trans movement.

4) Find that your anti-trans arguments and the anti-trans arguments of far right-wing groups match only due to a reactionary value-error on the side of conservatives.

5) Assert that male privilege is absolutely real.

6) Claim that gender is real in the sense that ideology is real, and that sexual difference is safeguarded within the constructs of gender.

7) Claim that trans surgeries symbolize a violent, material unification of gender and sex.

8) Assert that trans people transition for reasons more complex than satisfying their sexual urges.

9) Work to ignore the attempts at trans equality protection until all women everywhere obtain equal rights under the law.

10) Work to ignore attempts for access to trans medical care until all women have access to proper medical care and the right to an abortion.

11) Believe that essentialism is dangerous, and that femininity is constituted only by experience.

You can find the original list on TransAdvocate.


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